Please follow the instructions below to submit your camera-ready manuscript.

  1. Please take into consideration all the comments you had from the respected reviewers. All of them have to be considered and/or discussed in the text. The program committee will review this point very carefully.
  2. Prepare the manuscript according the IEEE template provided here. This time put the author(s) names, email, affiliation, and any other personal information and acknowledgements as you wish.
  3. Submit your files to be checked by the IEEE Pdf eXpress. This step is mandatory. Any file that is not passed to this step will not be accepted. Instructions to perform this step are as follows:
  4. Go to the IEEE pdf eXpress Web site here
    1. Select "New User- Click here" link
    2. Enter the following Information
      1. 42632X for the Conference Id
      2. Provide your email
      3. Provide a password of your choice
      4. Continue with the steps until you finalize your registration and get an online confirmation and an email.
    3. It is recommended to use the same login information you have used before if you registered with the IEEE pdf eXpress Service in a previous IEEE conference
    4. When returning to the pdf eXpress use the information you provided
    5. Follow the online instructions to convert and/or check your manuscript PDF file.
  5. Use the pdf file you receive from pdf eXpress as your Camera Ready submission. 
  6. On the author console, to the right of your paper you will find a link (Submit IEEE Copyright Form), please follow this link to complete the "Submit IEEE Copyright Form" process. At the end of this process you can download the completed IEEE Copyright Form  and also you will receive it as an attachment to your email. Please  upload this file as instructed on the page.
  7. On the author console, to the right of your paper you will find a link (Create Camera Ready Submission ), please follow this link to complete the submission and note that you must agree on the required questions at the end of the page and upload the file from step (5).

    Please note that the deadline to complete this process is October 31, 2017

    Failing any of the above steps will cause your paper being rejected.

    By submitting your camera ready file, you agree that ICCES 2017 will perform a plagiarism check on your manuscript. Failing this check against academic and scientific publications standards will cause your paper being rejected.

    Thank you for submitting your work to The 12th IEEE International Conference on Computer Engineering and Systems.

    Yours sincerely,
    ICCES 2017 Chairs