Registration Information

  1. At least one author of each accepted paper has to register for the conference and present the paper. This is mandatory for the paper to appear in the IEEE digital library and to be included in the conference proceedings.
  2. Registration is required for each paper even for the same author, however full fees is required for the first paper and 50% discount is applied for the extra papers, excluding the extra pages fees, given that the registered author will receive one conference kit and one seat in all conference activities.
  3. Registration fees are as follows:


Before December 5th, 2018

After December 5th, 2018

IEEE (!) Member



Non-IEEE Member



Egyptian (*) IEEE (!)member

2100 L.E.

 2400 L.E.

Egyptian (*) Non IEEE Member

2400 L.E.

 2700 L.E.


  1. An extra page (beyond the 6 pages limit) is charged 50$ (100 L.E for Egyptians(*))
  2. (!) A valid 2018 IEEE membership is required to have the special IEEE member fees. Membership number is required.
  3. (*) A Registered author for the special Egyptian fees has to be an Egyptian citizen affiliated to an Egyptian institution as mentioned on the paper itself.

Payment methods:

  1. After you upload the camera-ready paper and it is approved, you will be notified for registration, amount due and details of payment by email.
  2. Perform the payment as instructed.
  3. Scan your payment receipt and email the file in pdf format to with the subject “ICCES Payment”.  Registration is not completed until you are notified by a confirmation email.